What to Do With the Israeli Settlements in the West Bank - WSJ.com

There is one obvious solution for Israel's West Bank settlements that has been all but completely overlooked: Let the settlers continue living where they are, but in the state of Palestine.

As a conception, it's stunningly simple. Its very obviousness has rendered it invisible, like something in one's field of vision that goes unnoticed because it has been there all the time. If over one million Palestinian Arabs can live as they do in towns and villages all over Israel, why cannot a few hundred thousand Israeli Jews live, symmetrically, in a West Bank Palestinian state?

Halkin has good points against the so called "problem of settlements as obsticle to peace" - the renewed rhetoric of the Mainstream media, politicians and NGO's. Not the Jewish settlers and settlements are a problem but the official Palestinian collectivist worldview with its rejection of any Jewish presence in the disputed territories and in a future Palestinian state.