Prof. Irwin Cotler about the Palestinian Nakba and the forgotten Jewish Refugees from Arab States

1948 720.000 Palestinians fled or were expelled. In the same period to the 1970s were between 800000-1000000 Jews expelled from Arab countries. During each year Palestinians commemorate the day and left peace activists of the Palestinian Nakba, they are silent on the fate of Jewish refugees.

The video above and the following documentation report on their fate and discus today's one-sided presentation of the refugee problem in the Middle East.

Dokumentation: The forgotten Refugees
Part 1 http://youtu.be/Nz9LPfB2ytM
Part 2 http://youtu.be/4BgrWigdK6E
Part 3 http://youtu.be/Hp5_LddyVys
Part 4 http://youtu.be/VyaF0dXJdOE
Part 5 http://youtu.be/yRgb7NjFac0