Abu Mazen: Man of Peace?

The Palestinian Authority under Abu Mazen is more complicated.  It talks about a two-state solution.  It says it opposes terrorism, if not on moral grounds, at least on practical ones.  It negotiates with and talks to Israeli leaders.  And so many of us drew the conclusion that here was a man one could do business with, one can deal with in hopes of bringing an end to this eternal conflict.


I still have some of that hope.  I surely do not accept the wisdom or accuracy of putting him in the same category as Hamas.  But I have to say that events in recent days are shattering whatever faith I had left.


The near breaking point for me was Abu Mazen's May 17 op-ed in The New York Times.  In it, Mr. Abbas makes his case for bringing a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state to the United Nations in the fall.  Along the way he distorts the history of the conflict in such an ugly way as to raise serious questions as to whether he has really learned anything at all over these many tragic years.