Revisiting the Jordan option - Israel Opinion, Ynetnews

Op-ed: With hopes fading for two-state solution, ‘Jordan is Palestine’ option may be best alternative

The article presents the Jordan option as alternative to the two state solution, which is often described these days as the only solution for the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. This is however not true as there are several other peace plans which still may be discussed as solutions to the conflict.

A third option next to the Jordanian option (Allon plan) and the two state solution is the Autonomy plan Menachem Begins. This option suggests a One state solution in which Palestinians and Israelis live side by side in the State of Israel. All residents of Gaza and the Westbank (Palestinians and Israelis) would have full autonomy through an elected Administrative council and the garanty of economic and religious freedom as well as freedom of movement.