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Put 100 Israelis in a room and you'll see 100 different ways of contending with the English language: Those who speak well and those who don't speak at all, those who understand everything but are terrified to speak, those who have the courage but speak badly, and those who reply in Hebrew…


Still, we expect service providers in Israel to possess a minimal level of English-language skills. After all, not all residents in this country speak good Hebrew, not to mention the many tourists who arrive here.


For our report, we enlisted the help of instructors at the Wall Street Institute School of English. We asked them to present questions to service providers at various companies, government bodies and businesses. The replies were ranked from 1 to 10 based on the service provider's level of English.


While this is not a scientific poll, it does provide an impression about our level of spoken English. Below we present some of the conversations that left something to be desired….

If you were allready visiting or staying in Israel for a longer time or were in touch with Israelis, you might be familiar with the cultural incidents described in the article above. A conversation with israelis who have no or poorly English skills can be very frustrating and can be an adventure. On the other side there are as well Israelis with very good English skills. If you might be ever being in a situation like the ones above, you shouldn´t give up. Most likely Israelis know mostly another language may it be Frensh, Russian, Arabic or German/ Jiddish.