Kurz gefasst: Rabin-Gedenken, Giur

I Rabin-Gedenken

US-Präsident Barack Obamas Botschaft an die Israelis, die während der diesjährigen Gedenkfeier ausgestrahlt wurde.

I.1 Pro und Kontra | Eitan Haber: Rabins viele Nachfolger vs. Ziv Lenchner: Who needs Rabin rally? (YNET)

Hier ist die Wahrheit, und es gibt keine andere: Von dem Tag an dem drei Schüsse in den Rücken von Premierminister Yitzhak Rabin abgeschossen wurden, hat Israel sich in fast allen Bereichen verschlechtert.

Sie wollen Fakten? Here you go: Das Wirtschaftswachstum in der Mitte der 1990er Jahre stand während der Tage Rabins bei 6% pro Jahr. Was war es seitdem und was ist es heutzutage? Über 80 Könige, Präsidenten und Ministerpräsidenten kamen damals nach Israel für offizielle Besuche. Wie viele sind seither gekommen und wie viele kommen in diesen Tagen?


Vierzehn Jahre sind vergangen. Erinnerungen sind unscharf geworden. Yitzhak Rabins Gestalt ist in den Hintergrund gerückt. Seine großen Taten werden Bestandteil des täglichen Lebens (z. B. die installierten Lichter des Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highways). In der Zwischenzeit wurden seine weniger erfolgreichen Handlungen, und es gab einige von ihnen, an prominenter Stelle platziert,die von seinen Rivalen genannt und als gescheitert präsentiert wurden.

In der Zwischenzeit haben die törichten Menschen, die die falschen Geschichten von der „Verschwörung“ im Zusammenhang mit der Ermordung nachplapperten, sich weiter mit viele andere Narren an Bord eines Schiffes zusammengeschlossen, das durch das stürmische Meer segelt.

An Bord dieses Schiffes ist alles was übrig bleibt die Sehnsucht nach dem guten alten Kapitän – Yitzhak Rabin.

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On top of all the difficulties, objections, and debates it must overcome, the traditional Tel Aviv rally in memory of Yitzhak Rabin faces a terrible paradox: The larger and more successful it is in the view of its organizers, the more hollow and insignificant it is, as it exposes the great weakness of the Israeli Left, which exists at least in the dictionary.

In that same dictionary, the rally at Rabin square deserves the following definition: A public show of support for the commandment “thou shalt not murder.” It is indeed a matter of some public importance, but nothing beyond it. The rally is no more than a slogan-filled ceremony with little significance espousing obvious values that any sane person would endorse, sort of like a similar ceremony at school. It is no wonder that even some rightist hawks like Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar are able to attend it.

If there is even such thing as “Rabin’s legacy” (a question worthy of some consideration, because Rabin was a prominent leader who at a late age in his life signed peace agreements, yet did not truly espouse an ideological, original, and orderly agenda.) Hence, a rally in his memory is not the place for representing the legacy of peace and its price.

An acquaintance of mine holding rightist views recently made the following claim: The Israeli leftist camp today does nothing, boasts no achievements, and doesn’t really exist. Hence, it is preoccupied with rallies and weeping, because other than that it has been left with nothing.

Immediately after I was done with becoming outraged and rejecting this provocation, I came up with a wise insight. The tearful rallies are the fig leaf serving to hide the inaction of the “New Left,” the camp that votes for Kadima and fails to see what’s strange about that. It’s an embarrassing catharsis where one’s political conscience is washed with tears.

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Avi Dichter: Uproot all conspiracy theories (YNET)

Forty seven years after its establishment, the State of Israel faced one of its toughest tests, and possibly the toughest of all. How do we prevent a society created through great patchwork from collapsing? How do we act cautiously in respect to leveling accusations at all directions at a time where the ground is fertile for more recklessness?

The man who was supposed to be assigned with the toughest security arrangements in Israel was murdered in a horrifically simple manner. The breaches in the security ring were incomprehensible to laymen, let alone professionals. The assassination was not carried out by a long-distance sniper or a suicide bomber, but simply by a murderer armed with a handgun who walked among the security personnel undisturbed.

The ease with which the assassination was carried out prompted many to look for hidden and complex explanations. The operative failure was exploited as a basis for conspiratorial turmoil. Many sought an additional and more significant motive that will “put some order” into this highly traumatic incident.


And so, any trace of information, whether accurate of baseless, was enlisted to the cause, ranging from the “dummy bullet, dummy bullet!” calls to the rumors regarding the “planted” photographer who documented the murder. Amateur detectives relied on false accounts in order to promote various and mostly bizarre scenarios.

Subsequently, nutcases on the Right and Left dove headfirst into this cauldron, which they viewed as an opportunity to promote delusional worldviews that in normal days would enjoy no resonance. Claims made by radical rightists and leftists arguing that Shin Bet officials joined forces in order to create an assassination scenario in the aims of curbing the Oslo process constitute an absolute folly at best, and incitement to rebellion at worst.

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II Giur

Ariana Melamed: Want to convert? Do it on your own time

Education Corps responsible for classes, IDF supplies instructors, and one can complete conversion process during military service. Ariana Melamed believes issue of soldiers' conversion is not military's business, unless one is referring to Saudi Arabian or Iranian military.

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Nissan Shtrauchler: Conversion with confusion

Many converts wishing to get married face objections by chief city rabbis, religious councils who refuse to register them, claiming they 'do not observe mitzvot'.

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