Very moving - Elie Wiesels Speech at Buchenwald

I still remember my last visit to Buchenwald a couple of years ago, right after returing from my civil service in Israel. It was my first visit there. I was currious about the place and about the reaction of the people about the kippa I was wearing, being aware that as non-jew wearing a kippa is a very weird thing, especially at a former concentration camp like Buchenwald. However this was my way showing distance to the german people that got so streingh and weird, arrogant and self blaming for the holocaust, self centered as people that killed more then 6 million jews.

Why being so narrow minded, why being so fixed on the killing and it's describing and rememberance? Why not thinking about today, about strategies combating antisemitism, antijudaism, hatred against others? Why not being open to learn also about the Jewish life before 1933 and before the romantisized Weimar republic? Why not learning about Jewish life today, about it's developement since the increase of the Jewish communities due to the immigration of Jews from East Europe, especially Russia? Why not looking for interactions with each other, a way of learning from our differences, to respect each other and to shape our future hand in hand here in Germany?

In his moving speech today in Buchenwald Elie Wiesel exactly put this topic on his agenda again by first of all describes his own mistake by having been afraid listening to his fathers voice in the concentration camp baracks before finally he died. In the second step he ask if his father today would be satisfied about the aftermath of the holocaust, about the developements, problems, conflicts and wars in this world. He concludes that wars and inhumanity, inmorality are still main factors in our world. People are still watching away, ignoring the calls for help in the world.

Buchenwald, despite it's inhumanity and inmorality, is a symbol for a globalized solidarity, humanity and morality of people who stand strong with each other, did everything to help each other and made therefore this place of unbelievable crimes, a new human and moral place in the symbol of the collective group of the victim.

Remembering today shouldn't be just a way of a mea culpa, a legitimacy of watching away and ignoring each other, stucking in pain and self suffering and blaming. On the contrary we should learn how to be social again, staying strong together and putting humanity and morality back to it's place, in our society.Every war, violence and the holocaust should never be forgotten. Instead we should learn from this event by putting together an end against, violence, war, inhumanity and inmorality in our world an end.
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