I like Shakshouka - not just the song from BooSkills, but also the food itself. I remember some years ago i was eating Shakshouka the first and last time after a party on Yom Hazmaut, the Israeli Independence Day. I came from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, met some friends and went by car to many places to check out if there is still place to enter for a drink and dancing. However this is a really big problem in Tel Aviv. Most places at this night are so crowded that it isn't possible at all entering them even before 12. So what we finally did was to go to a restaurant at 2am, drinking and eating there. At this time i ordered the first time shakshouka, some middle eastern food out of eggs, tomatoes and spices.

Today finally I found out about the Shakshouka-song and also remembered the Shakshouka from Israel. Thanx to google I even found a recipe I will try very soon. So here for everyone who is interested the recipe:

6 tablespoons of frying olive oil
One tablespoon of sweet paprika
6 cloves of garlic finely chopped
One large sweet red pepper diced
One Chili pepper (red or green) diced
6 ripe tomatoes diced
Ground fresh black pepper
Salt to taste
6 eggs


On a high flame, heat the oil for about half a minute. Add the paprika and blend well.
Add the garlic and peppers, and turn to low flame. Cook for about ten minutes - until the peppers have slightly softened.
Add the tomatoes and spice it with salt and pepper and then blend it.
Bring it to a boil, taste it and if necessary – add spices to get the taste refined.
Makes six dents in the mixture. Into each dent put an egg yolk, and spread the egg whites around.
Continue to cook on low until the egg whites have coagulated.

Notes, tips, and variations

Serve the Shakshouka with black bread and fresh parsley.
You may also add to the mixture pieces of sausage..