A Day in May

Probably this cartoon doesn't really fit to the things i wanted to say, but when i looked at it today in the morning it remind me about the time before 5 years when I was celebrating my birthday in Israel together with my family, volunteers and Israeli friends. The day started perfectly with the meeting of my family in the German hostel next to the Damascus gate of the old city of Jerusalem. While entering the cafeteria my family, my parents, my sister and my aunt, the guests of the hostel and the sisters started to sing "happy birthday", brought a cake with candles and we all had a wonderful and unforgettable breakfast. When as far as i remember we made a trip to the dead sea, to Masada and to the breathtaking national park of Ein Gedi, next to kibbutz Ein Gedi. I still remember the crazy heat, the sun burn we all had after and the tiredness. Then we came back to Jerusalem, where we had dinner in Ein Kerem together with the volunteers from all over. Most interesting was the typical bonfire we had up the mountains next to the youth hostel, 5 minutes from the hospice, where we enjoyed a special Israeli habit: eating grilled marsh mellows, drinking delicious Israeli juice and Arak (some Annis drink, similar to ouzo) and singing together to guitar strings. Five years later I still remember this very romantic and fascinating atmosphere and miss allot this special time in Israel, this one day in may.
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