Israel - Birth of a Nation - part 1/10

Fifty years ago the United Nations passed a resolution which partitioned Palestine into Arab and Jewish states, and the state of Israel was officially born. Dislocated after the turmoil and horrific events of World War II and the Holocaust, hundreds of thousands of Jews streamed into Israel to find peace and safety in their newly declared official homeland. But the area given to the state of Israel was taken at the expense of the Arabs in the region, causing a bitter animosity between these two peoples that continues to the present day. This documentary provides an account and analysis of the formation of the nation of Israel and the trials and tribulations of establishing a Jewish state in Palestine, and the inevitable Arab-Israeli war that followed. Israel: Birth of a Nation would be useful for classes on World History, the Middle East, Religion, World Culture and Political Science. It is appropriate for middle school and high school.

Part 1