Israel as you never seen before

Naked bodies, hot Latin salsa rhythm, thrilling scissor, new exciting technologies - all these might be found all over the world but seing it in Israel might be a much different experience. Thats what the founders of www.coolisrael.com, the Asper Institute and the IDC Herzliya, might have thought as well when they got up with the idea of making a website that puts a different, unique light on a country, that is presented in the media as war zone, as aggressor and inhumane.

The concept behind cool Israel is therefore simple: "coolness", new trends and modern images should attach visitors of the side to a modern, young and very viral and pluralistic country where by the way the highest percentage of artists per population in the world are living. Additionally to the main web page coolisrael.com is present as well on all major web 2.0 websites like Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. An Rss-Feed brings up every new information directly to your inbox.