some ideas how to end the gaza conflict

  1. arab nations and arab people have to accept israels existence
  2. usa, europe and the united nations should invest in educational and job programms in the middle east to reduce on both sides missinformation, prejudices, hopelessness, a life without perspectives that gives terrorists and extremists a chance to recruit more followers for their own ideology
  3. the united nations or nato should send armed soldiers on the border between egypt-gaza, israel-gaza and israel-lebanon that have the right to use weapons in order to prevent new escalations.
  4. all terror organisations and jewish fundamentalists should get disarmed
  5. the international community should support egypt to protect its borders from hamas extremists to enter egypt territory or kill egyptian soldiers and border police, as well should prevent smuggling tunnels to be build on the gaza-egyptian border
  6. egypt should open its borders to let humanitarian aid be sent to gaza population and as well helps israeli medical help and treatment of gaza citizens in israeli and egyptian hospitals
  7. peace camps as they allready exist in the westbank and israel should be build in gaza as well to let israeli and palestinians meet and learn from each other. for that security for israeli civilians should be granted in gaza
  8. international and arab journalists should have the right to report independent from gaza the international media should have common educational programms and journalistic codes to report neutral about the situation in the middle east, without favouring any side and bring wrong pictures from the situation.
  9. the international community should support israel to liberate gaza from hamas and should develope plans to replace the political and social (health) structure in gaza with UN institutions and international hospitals, schools and universities
  10. israel on the other side should continue to disengage from settlements in the westbank while all arab neighbors grant the full security of the israeli state and its population

    there might be alot of more points to add but basicly that is my idea how to resolve the gaza problem, its sources and its framework where it started to develope to what we see now